Mind Games Competition:

    Kültür2000 Anatolian and Science High School students came in second and third in the Mind Games Tournament Mangala organized by Büyükçekmece District National Education Directorate in 2018.

    Purple Comet Math Meet:

    It is a competition organized simultaneously all around the world by The Mathematical Association of America and Awesome Math. Thousands of students around the globe participate in this competition. Below is Kültür2000 Anatolian and Science High School students' placements in this competition:

    2017 / First Place Award: Our team "TEAM B" came in first in this competition in which 6 schools from Turkey and 12 schools in total participated.

    2015-2016 / Second Place Award: Our school came in second in the competition in which 19 schools participated from Turkey.

    2013 / Honor Award: Our students won the Honor Award in 2013.

    2012 / Third Place Award: Our students came in third all around the world in 2012.

    Waterloo Mathematics Competition:

    Waterloo Mathematics Competition is an international competition organized by Waterloo University in two stages. The first stage takes place in March, whereas the second stage takes place in April. Kültür2000 Anatolian and Science High School grade 9, 10 and 11 students' placements are below:

    2017 / Achievement Certificate and Medal: Our 50 students participated in the Pascal, Cayley and Fermat categories in two stages. 28 of them won achievement certificates, whereas 6 students won medals.

    2015-2016 / Representing our school in Lloyd Auckland Mathematics Workshop: Our student Ayşnur Gençalp demonstrated a great success by gaining 142 points in Fermat Competition and represented our country in Lloyd Auckland Mathematics Workshop on May 29-July 4.

    < > High Honor Certificate and First Place in the world:

    In this international competition, our students won High Honor Certificates and came in first in the World.


    2017-2018 /TÜBİTAK Exhibition: Kültür2000 Science High School grade 10 students were entitled to take part in the 49th High School Students Research Projects Istanbul European Side Regional Exhibition organized by TÜBİTAK. Our students Burak Erden and Baran Nerezoğlu presented their projects they prepared for this exhibition in Chemistry category.

    2016-2017 / Honorable Mention Prize in Turkey Youth Water Award Project Competition: Our students Berk Tuna and Edanur Arslan won the honorable mention prize with their projects.

    2016-2017 / TÜBİTAK Exhibition: Our students Alperen Gülümser and Ceren Bayraktar took part in TÜBİTAK Exhibition with their project " The Analysis of anti-carcinogen effects of various plant extracts on ovarian cancer cells".



    IKUMUN Conference:

    2018 / Honorable Mention at IKUMUN: Our delegate students Sude Çelik and Tanaçar, who represented  Nigeria and Spain in People's Rights Committee in IKUMUN organized in İstanbul Kültür University on April 6-8, won the Honorable Mention award for their rhetoric, proposal and discussion skills.

    Y-MUN Conference:

    It is an international diplomacy and politics conference organized with the participation of the high schools and prestigious universities in Turkey. The participants try to find solutions and suggestions to worldwide issues from the perspectives of the countries they represent. Kültür2000 Anatolian and Science High school students' awards that they won in these conferences are below:

    2017 / Best Delegate Award: Kültür2000 Anatolian High School grade 12 student Mert Ali Ülken won the Best Delegate Award by representing Turkey in Asia Collaboration Committee among 14 committees.

    2016 / Honorable Mention Award: Our student Jack Aras won the Honorable Mention Award in Y-MUN Conference.

    Kültür2000 Anadolu Lisesi öğrencileri Nasa Ames ve Uluslararası uzay Yerleşkesi Yarışması’nda Dünya 2.liği  elde etmiştir.
  • Kültür2000 Anadolu Lisesi öğrencileri İtalya’da düzenlenen Küresel Eğitim Festivalinde (GEF) BİYOYAKIT projesiyle Dünya 1. si olmuşlardır.
  • Uluslararası Waterloo Üniversitesi Matematik ve Bilim Şenliği; Matematik Yarışması’nda Kültür 2000 Lisesi öğrencileri Yüksek Şeref Sertifikası ve Dünya Birinciliği elde etmiştir
  • Uluslar arası” PurpleComet Mathmeet “ adlı Matematik Yarışması’nda 2012 yılında Dünya 3.sü olan Kültür2000 Lisesi öğrencileri 2013 yılında da Onur Ödülü’ne layık görülmüştür.