Communities who do not produce science and technology that is about to lose their independence, accordingly their happiness.                                     (Prof Cahit Arf)


As science Department, we aim that all our students are trained as science literate regardless of their individual differences based on the sentence stated above.

Our Science program assists the students to know their surrounding and nature, to reveal their thoughts by taking advantage of their curiosities of natural research and exploration. Our teachers support the curiosity that is innate on students and that is invaluable and their questions of why and how, and incorporate science education into daily life. Our students receive science education by doing, living and via the natural and fun ways. 

Students, who gains Science literacy;

* searches and interrogates.

* thinks critically

* improves his/her problem solving and decision making skills.

* becomes lifelong learners.

* continues his/her inquiries about his/her environment and about the World.


It is aimed that the students receive the following knowledge and skills in order to be literate:

* He/she wonders the field of science.
* He/she gains inquiry, research skills.
* He/she improves his/her problem-solving skills by using science and technology.
* He/she improves his/her health and environmental consciousness.
* He/she benefits from laboratories and science centres for learning acquirements through experiments and activities.
* He/she likes to do scientific research and to research the investigations performed.
* He/she associates the basic concepts with daily life and nature events.
* He/she uses active learning techniques and computer technology effectively.

The interest of the students towards science and technology lesson is increased by the works performed throughout the year. the lessons are supported with various activities. 

Laboratory works: Experiments are carried out which are related to the curriculum through active group works in Science Laboratories. Experiments which are prepared according to the class levels are tracked through experiment portfolios and its reports are prepared accordingly. In this stage, is important for the students to follow the steps of the scientific methods.

Assessments: The performance of students in science lessons is evaluated as outcome and process-oriented. The students' academic development through the screening tests performed weekly and based on gain. According to the results, check-up exams are applied to ensure complete learning.                                                                                                                                     

Science Festival and Project Competitions Activities: the projects that come from the surrounding schools are exhibited. The students gain an opinion on scientific project preparation processes.

Project Festival: the science projects which our students have performed throughout the year are exhibited in the foyer area at our school. sharing information is ensured via common sharing areas.

Social Responsibility Projects: students' consciousness levels are increased towards their environments, and awareness is raised. generating a solution towards environmental issues is provided.