Art helps people know themselves, reveal their artistic skills and gain different perspectives and aesthetic values. People learn creative thinking and how to express themselves through art.

General objectives

  • To be conscious of visual and aesthetic interpretations and visual literacy.
  • To have knowledge, skills and abilities on applications and basic concepts of visual arts
  • To actively discuss and evaluate concepts of visual arts.
  • To analyse the origin and nature of visual arts and to question their values.
  • To consciously follow objects of culture and arts.
  • To understand the value of cultural heritage related to visual arts and preserve them.
  • To actively and safely express their ideas by using related information, skills, materials and technology.
  • To associate visual arts to other disciplines.
  • To behave ethnical on other areas of art.
  • To recognise professions related to the arts.
  • To search the environment, to be inspired by it and to transfer it to the next generation.
  • To raise individuals who are eager to learn visual arts and apply them.



Internalizing the general information related to visual arts and evaluating artworks meaningfully is aimed for grades 5 to 8. Creating artwork requires transferring individual values and ideas, going through the creative process, designing through analysing and exploring artwork. Creating visual art focuses on developing the visual art language while searching for the meaning and value of art using different techniques.

After graduating from Kultur 2000 Schools students will

  • be interested in arts and know the importance of it in our lives
  • be individuals that have developed creative  and aesthetic  interpretation skills.
  • know world-famous artists and their styles.
  • follow actual art news.
  • know and apply visual art techniques and approaches .
  • recognise the important art movements such as Cubism, Surrealism, Fauvism, Impressionism, Expressionism, Pop art and other pioneers .
  • know art terminology.
  • be sensitive to art events.
  • devise works of art in both two and three dimensions.
  • explore artistic differences in other  communities.