Improving conceptual skills of people  is the main aim of math. Developing problem solving skills and supporting searching, inquiring and reasoning abilities helps us to make real decisions and find out the truth.

Finding out different connections makes learners  excited.  This excitement leads to the birth of new sciences and math helps it. There isn’t one technical fields where maths is not used. Because of this, the education of math has a special importance and priority.

The aim of math in middle school is to support the students’ ability to gain information, skills and behaviours specific to the field. 

In math, classes do not just focus on counting, drawing shapes and measuring techniques. We also make the students think of the general idea and concept behind the solution.

Basic information is supported by projects and activities that need observation and analyses. Our students realize key facts from the general concepts in math.

Our teachers help students who have different skills and individual differences by having them review samples and equations and search, develop and share their method of solving the problems.

Our aim is to guide students towards developing their

Problem solving

Critical thinking

Analytic thinking

Using technology

Interdisciplinary linking skills.

The middle school syllabus is Maths curriculum of the Minister of Education. You can reach all information and content from CATS and K12 NET which is a virtual learning environment for grades 5 to 8.

We use both process and result oriented measurement devices to assess students’ success. (projects, performance homework, exams….)

Our maths department supports our students to attend national and international maths contests. We give opportunities to reveal both their math and language skills.