Musical intelligence and capabilities are developed in the best way. Performing music together socializes and gains a sense of responsibility. Exploring instruments and applying closely students live music exactly which helps to gain an insight into the artistic value they provide.

General Aims of Music Courses

  • For the purposes of the Turkish National Education is to gain information about the music.

  • To develop artistic creativity.

  • To develop creative behaviours that can be used in each area.

  • To develop their capacity to be able to produce individual products.

  • Giving opportunities to students to prove themselves and the ability to recognize theirselves.

  • In individual or group work learning to collaborate and take responsibilities, solidarity understanding; to develop feelings and behaviours between each other, such as love, respect and cooperation.

  • To ensure the joy of artistic creation and appreciate artist’s product.

Music Education

In this basic training model, musical perception and capabilities will be developed to contribute their creative power. Students develop through music education activities they learn to discriminate sound, recognise instruments and reveal all kinds of musical talent they have and also they would be willing to participate music activities around them. Thus, they understand abstract concepts easily and develop their creativity.  

A student who graduated from Kültür2000 Educational Institutions

  • Developed taste and interests towards the music.

  • Developed sense of aesthetics.

  • Developed musical intelligence.

  • Be sensitive to musical activities; follow music events and current music news.

  • Can play the instrument.

  • They know musical terminology.

  • Musical culture is developed.

  • They know the history of music and its samples.

  • They become familiar with the composers.

  • Thinking all types of the arts together, they have achieved artistic wealth.