WInter ActIvIty and Art School

In Kültür2000 sports must become the  life styles of our beloved children. We should work all together for this reason. cooperate and we need to make it. We should not leave the school for sport or sport for school.Fitness is a healthy way of living so this year we are going to organize winter sports school this year too.

Sports, is very necessary for children who are  growing .It also helps to maintain physically and mentally fit and healthy students

Sports is not only important for physical development but also for the social development.   Children,increase self-confidence  through sport.Psychologically,students learn self-control,how to concentrate and  to be motivated for success.

In Kültür2000 Winter sports are held between the hours of 17:00 to 18:30 on weekdays  in our school gym salloon. There will be Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis. For each sport activity , training is provided twice a week.