Course Objectives

  • Students made ​​pictures, assemblage, collage, reproducing ... with such studies, technical and design information increases.
  • Students’ skills and abilities are discovered and improved during the process of students’ products .
  • The reflections of art on other disciplines and the importance of art in daily life are given .
  • To make the students gain self-confidence , their products are  exhibited at the school community.
  • It is aimed to make students to be respectful to different cultures and ideas.


  • To be aware of his/her own abilities.
  • To get technical knowledge and conscious in Art
  • To be aware of  the impacts of Art on daily life
  • To gain the conscious attitude for museum visits and works of art 
  • To enhance self-confidence .
  • To be respectful for different ideas and cultures.

Assessment – Evaluation and Reinforcement 

  • Lectures are supported with technology   to present  the topic.
  • For reinforcement ask & answer method is used .
  •  Argumentative different points of views are laid out.
  •  Evaluation is done during the process of the project ,
  •  Samples are demonstrated for effective learning.
  • Field Trips are organized connected with other disciplines .(history, literature, environment ... etc) to make students internalize what they have gained.