PhysIcal EducatIon

The main purpose of Kültür2000  High School Physical Education courses is to help the students improve their physical activity and movement through education and training by providing opportunities to increase their capacity. 

With the rapid technological advancements, the importance of physical education and sports in the lives of the people is increasing day by day, therefore the objectives of this subject has been more important ever.

Physical education and sports is a discipline that enhances the physical, mental, emotional and social health. Physical education and sports can be considered in two ways- "Sports for Education" and "Education for Sports"- “Sports for education” requires training in order to achieve the highest performance.


  • Mind - Body integrity form the basic philosophy of education.
  • Physical education is an integral part of general education. The purpose of physical education contributes to the realization of general education.
  • Physical education is the base for growth and development activities. Optimal development of the human organism is thanks to the physical activity in which all muscles are involved.
  • Physical education contributes to how to use free times more effectively.
  • Physical education provides opportunities for self expression and creativity.
  • Physical education contributes to the control of emotions. It provides settings for interaction.
  • It improves psycho-motor skills.
  • Physical education contributes to the guidance of character and personality. Strong ties, commitment, group interaction are the features seen in the games and sports activities. These features have contributed to the personality development.  
  • Physical education is based on the individuals’ most basic requirements which is to “Act” . Physical activity is necessary to survive. Mundane recent lifestyles lead physical education courses to become more important.  
  • Students are guided to out-of-school  trainings in accordance with their ability and wish.