An appointment is given to candidate parents who wish to receive information about our kindergarten. Thus, better service can be given to the candidate parents so that the order of school and our students is not affected.

Orientation Studies;

In our school, our candidate students are accepted to school by having a series of Orientation tudies. During these studies, the counsellor has individual interviews with the student and shares her opinions with the parents about the school adaptation process of students.

2019-2020 candidates who were born in ;

-the year 2016 can apply for 3-year-olds classes,

-the year 2015 can apply for 4-year-olds classes,

-the year 2014 can aply for 5-year-olds preparation classes,.

For Registration ;

- A copy of the identity card

- 4 passport size photographs

- A copy of vaccination card is needed.