Students’ health and wellbeing is the most important condition for a successful education. Istanbul Culture and Education Institutions in accordance with this understanding of health services is intended to provide.

To care our students’ health is as important as to guarantee our students' education and training. The school years are a special period in which significant changes happen. School-age children grow and develop in this period. Health problems experienced in this period can be affected on whole life and early diagnosis is important to prevent the developmental disorders in this period. In our schools, our students' physical health status is being monitored and recorded. In our health department; Children's Health and Disease Specialist school nurse is on duty. In all our schools there are fully equipped infirmaries. In an emergency, medical instruments and apparatus are available to respond first.

Health staff helps our students not only in case of emergency but also in any case that students feel bad. When students go to the infirmary necessary measures are taken, if necessary, by calling parents sent home. However, in situations that require urgent hospital intervention students with the knowledge of school administration under the supervision of a nurse is taken to the nearest hospital, parents will be notified immediately.

In the Infirmary, chronically ill students identified and carefully monitored. The students  using medicine are strictly observed.

Students are guaranteed, through the emergency insurance, of their safety during all accidents.