The Content CurrIculum

The Models of Approaches and Education in our Kindergarten of Kultur2000 

In preschool children, problem-solving is one of the first and most important step of learning. In Kindergartens of Kültür2000, problem-solving skills are included as an important teaching approach. Children’s learning is supported by given plenty of opportunities to experiment and practical contributions. Program is applied by placing appropriate activities in order to solve problems with stimulating the children to capture opportunities from the daily life and encouring them to propose solution ways for these problems.                            

Our Targets                                                                                                                  

An environment for effective learning and positive social interaction is created.                             Supports of children for purposes movements, problem-solving and verbal thinking and encourages them.                                                                                                      

Each child’s behavior is observed and interpreted in the light of development principles that are included in HIGH/SCOPE basic experiences.                                                                           Children have to be made of required skills for creating a brighter future for them by planning basic experiences based on child’s behaviors and interests and developing their mental, emotional, social and physical potential and capabilities at highest level.

For the child is of big importance to ensure the satisfaction of all needs. Active learning ensures the child's learning to be meaningful and enjoyable, to recognize themselves and their environment and adapt to the environment. While a child makes an active learning, continously, developes assumptions about trends, skills, abilities, strengths and the environment by confronting their inner truth and confronting the realities of the environment. He reaches to permanent informations about himself and environment by trying these assumptions,  evaluating the information obtained as a result of these experiments, making facts necessary to select the most appropriate behavior for the reality, changing assumptions and producing new ones where necessary.

The main target of HIGH SCOPE education is to develope an child identity who makes independent selections, takes independent decisions, knows mutual respect and mutual trust, has strong self-trust, self-esteem, communication skills,(initiative)entrepreneurship, empathy, self-determination, courage, creative, have developed a sense of responsibility, self-directing of their own learning, self-directing their own lives, self-controlled,knows the rules and gained proper social skills, solves own problems by own, developed study methods, has inner discipline. The planning, working, remembering times that are the vital parts of High/Scope education ensure them to take their first step as being individuals.In planning time, each child selects the activity by itself that will make and developes skills in independent thinking  by making what and how to do. Working time is a period filled with the play when children implements consciously their planning, thoughts and requests.Bu zaman diliminde çocuklar, kendilerini planladıklarını ve düşündüklerini uygulamaya geçiren, iş yapan, yaratıcı ve üretken bir kişi olarak algılarlar. In this time period, children perceive themselves as a person who implements their plans and thoughts, makes business, is creative and productive. In remembering time, children tell what they have done in working time, above all, they form memory. They develope their world of thought by hearing new ideas from their friends and they are proud of what they have done by exhibiting their work.

In our kindergarten, information of science and mathematics, are taught by GEMS to our children which is an international science and math programs. GEMS is an program which directs the children to science and maths with guided discovery, investigation and research, with direct participation as well and based on active learning, scientific quality and student-centered.

In our kindergarten, international character education program is applied which includes the subjects such as love, respect, peace, reconciliation, friendship, responsibility, honesty and tolerance for our children to recognize and embrace values ​​of our society, to regulate their behaviors in this way. Our teachers in all the events they start their own, they grant children plenty of choice, leadership, self-expression, communication, and interacting opportunities and freedoms.

In our kindergarten, English as an second language starts with the age of four. Our children  face a unique future. Asa result of the speed of globalization and development of  international  communities, multilingualism has become a valuable feature. At the same time, learning a second language improves and developes the flexible and logical thinking processes in brain. We give a great valueto  such a development and learning.                                                               

Our target is to ensure our students to learn English as their main language under the education of our international educator whose main language is English.Therefore, a program named as ‘’Jolly learning all together’’ is used that ensures them to grasp the phonetic structure of language.