PsychologIcal CounselIng and GuIdance

Knowing our students, introducing him to himself and supporting him to improve his interests and abilities. Our most basic purpose is to support him to adapt to the environment making rational decisions in facing problems, and to realise himself. Well-rounded individual and group guidance activities are being performed with our students within the frame of these goals.

          Our guidance service is continuing its activities in accordance with non-biased, trustworthy and private policy which are respectful of the rights of people. We are continuing our works while considering learning styles and individual differences of our students, information which is because of the work performed by the guidance service this is a part of our school’s education.

Our service as a middle school the Guidance department is continued as two sections towards parents and students within the frame of these goals. It offers developmental, vocational and educational guidance services to students.

Psychological Counselling and Guidance Unit Works;

1) Developmental Guidance
This is a relationship of psychological help founded for the purpose of assisting our students to understand their feelings, thoughts and behaviours and to improve their decision-making and problem-solving skills.
2) Educational Guidance
These are guidance activities performed towards improving the students’ skills of learning and using time correctly and effectively.    
3) Vocational Guidance
It is aimed to assist our students to discover their interests, skills and values. To make decisions in the direction of these skills. The work performed for this goal starts from 5th class. 


The works performed towards the students

Individual Interviews

Guidance Counsellor interviews students by using information he has received from the classroom teacher, the family and his observations. In addition evaluation interviews are performed regularly after each practice test with students who are preparing for the exam to transition from Basic Education to Secondary Education. 

Presentations and Seminars

Several seminars throughout the year are being arranged after development periods of the students.

  • Transition from Basic Education to Secondary Education System 
  • Characteristics of Adolescence Period
  • How we learn and learning styles
  • Motivation and Success
  • Productive Study
  • Test Taking Techniques
  • Coping with Test Anxiety
  • Examination Tactics
  • Using the Internet and Social Media



We are applying the tests which support students' academic and psychosocial development process. We are sharing the results with parents. We are providing the necessary information and guidance.

  • Style of Learning
  • Failure Causes
  • Test Anxiety
  • Determining of Vocational Trending

The works performed towards the Parents

Individual Interviews

That Parents communicate with Guidance counsellor is very important so the guidance counsellor can support the students appropriately. In this respect we examine situations that can affect the developmental processes of students, their social, emotional, cognitive and academic performance. In the meeting performed with parents, guidance counsellors, teachers, grade teacher-assistant director, we deal with necessary information and we take necessary measures.    

Presentations and Seminars

Information seminars are being performed for our parents on diverse subjects so that they follow closer the period in which the students stand, and their exam process.   

  • Transition from the Basic Education to the Secondary Education System 
  • Communication with Adolescents
  • Communication with student who prepares for the exam and who is anxious