PsychologIcal CounselIng and GuIdance


The school’s Counselling and Guidance Service is intended to help the development of all students, taking into account the characteristics, difficulties faced without turning into problems.

The Guidance and counselling services contribute our students’ being self-aware, flexible, environmentally sensitive, confident and creative. Students are also supported to make self-fulfilling decisions and have better communication skills. Students are experiencing quick growth during the primary school period; therefore it is essential to offer support and guidance to students. The Guidance and Counselling Services will conduct their work in collaboration with the school and family. To carry out a healthy school-family collaboration importance will be placed on a communication triangle between student-teacher-parent.

Primary School Guidance and Counselling Service studies:

Studies of Students

Freshman orientation
The starting of primary school requires an adjustment period for both children and parents. During this period, the child's healthy adaptation process can be spent on both parents and children and make sure they are given the support needed.

Individual Differences:

The Guidance and Counselling Service work focus on each student’s individual differences work is performed to help realise and recognise children’s individual differences. Children to realize and recognize individual differences related work is performed. Studies are shared with classroom teachers and parents.

Progress Evaluation:

Each students monitoring of their progress is done according to their specific needs. They are given the necessary support needed.

Individual interviews - Support Studies

 Students' physical, academic, social and emotional capacities are developing. Our goal is to find solutions to the challenges they face in order to help monitor and support their activities. Each students' individual needs and planning is done based on the problems.

Classroom Activities

Students recognise or understand themselves and others. Social and educational needs, aimed at achieving specific objectives identified in the guidance activities, are carried out regularly in the classroom.




Social Skills Training Program

1.2.3. grades; meeting is important in communication, relationship initiation and maintenance skills in students' emotional-social development, especially in a supporting program implementation.



Inventory and Testing

To 3th and 4th grades students, Learning Styles Inventory is applied.

3rd grades Socio-metric work is applied. According to the results of the group dynamics is determined for the next year.




To 3rd and 4th grade students, efficient studying methods presentation is given.

To 4th grade, homework and classroom responsibilities seminar is done.

Studies towards Parents

Parent Orientation Studies

There are some studies which support parents to obtain information and follow the process of understanding of the school’s education system. Also, get to know our students better and to understand them, face to face interviews are done with the parents in order to learn about our students’ family life and parents’ attitudes towards our students.

Workshops / Conferences

For Parents, to provide a better understanding for the students the developmental stages seminars are organized throughout the year.