PsychologIcal CounselIng and GuIdance

Psychological Counseling and Guidance

With reference to the understanding that each child is unique and special, as Kültür2000 College Counseling and guidance unit, our aim is to raise generations being physically, mentally healthy, adaptive to the community in an active way, demonstrating self-existing latent powers, abilities and their capacities.

Our understanding of the guidance; Each student is unique . Capacities, abilities, interests and needs are different. The important thing is helping each student while they are developing.

Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit Studies;

Developmental Guidance: It is a face to face psychological assistance which gives importance to students' feelings, thoughts and behavior recognition, decision-making and problem-solving skills.

Educational Guidance: It is a guidance which improves and teaches students the importance of time management and learning skills.

Vocational Guidance: It helps our students to explore their own  interests, skills and values and make them give their own decisions according to these qualities..

Guidance Activities

Head of School Election: Kültür2000 College students, each year elect their own head of school in coordination with the counseling department chairman. Contributing to the development of democratic attitudes and perceptions of students' active participation in the presidential election is experienced with great enthusiasm.

Social Skills Activities and Projects

           Social Skills Development: In particular, the new students to our school by following the recognition of the compliance process, introducing yourself and are intended to help acclimate. Work done: Orientation activities (trips, group counseling, classroom guidance activities, drama, etc.).

Coping with Bullying: Respect the rights of others ,developing a personality, awareness of acceptance and confirmation abilities are thought to students. Work done: group counseling, classroom guidance activities, presentations, drama, students create projects; create bulletin boards and related regulations.

Learning Skills and Develop Methods:"Learning styles" inventory is applied to all students at the beginning of the year. ‘’Everyone can learn, but everyone can not learn  in the same way’’ understanding helps us to find out the students dominant learning styles, background and the remaining learning styles.The aim of this is, to find the best way for students and improve themselves in this way.While doing this counsellors,home room teachers and parents work together.

Examination Guidance

Our school conducted tests each month, analyzing the results of those,improving  parents, students collaboration,and getting higher grades from those exams are the subjects which are worked on.


Preparation for the University : To give information about changing examination system and exam preparation stages.

The Group Work: Department selection and class passing presentations regulation, TYT-AYT presentation, Parent information studies, TYT-AYT preferance counseling, test anxiety studies.

The Determination of Abilities and Interests: By the several tests, students' abilities and interests are determined, the results are shared with parent-student and teacher. While the students are guiding to their  interest and  talented areas ,they also work on recognizing the higher education institutions and occupations.

To this end, in our school;

Starting from 9th grade students' various inventory tests are  applied to determine the students interests and abilities .  These are Career Orientation Inventory and Academic Self-Concept Scale.  These inventory results are shared with parents and students, by taking the opinions of the teachers,talented students are directed to the course which they are talented.

Vocational Recognition Day: By the help of Kültür University, professions are  introduced to the students, and make them gain new information.

University Fair: Choosing the right University is very important for the students  professional life. Universities Fair and Job Description Day to the province within our school and high school students by the intense interest is shown. The fair is held every year in March and schools from different countries will take place in this fair. In 2013-2014 our third fair will be held.

Communication with the Parents

Individual Meetings: Individual parent meetings are done with the request of our parents and  teachers.

Parents Meetings: At the beginning of the year " Parents informative meeting’’and during the year, two "Review Parent Meeting" are performed.

Parents School: Every year Kültür Schools Development and Education Center (KÜGEM) gives training courses for parents . In Parents School, the following topics are discussed:

  • Ensure the development of  children’  positive behaviors and habits,
  • Recognize yourself ,others and accept as it is.
  • Recognize and accept his and others  verbal or nonverbal messages
  • Aware of his/her communication problems and try to fix them.
  • Be a good listener to understand the child
  • Put the border, to be able to say no
  • Provide anger management
  • Skills to develop safe behavior
  • Develop democratic problem-solving skills in the family
  • To help students recognize the value of themselves and improve themselves.