Projects and ActIvItIes

1.Pickle Feast: This event was held in the school garden with the parents’ attendance. First step was decorating the lids of the jars. The process was proceeded with the observation of ripe pickles. In the following phase, the students made effort to persuade the people around them to buy their preparations.

2.A visit for Animal Shelter: This is an activity which follows the pickle feast. We have bought many foods for the animals via the money that we earned as the result of the selling pickles. Afterward, we delivered the foods to Kavaklı Animal Rehabilitation Shelter Center in company with the students. This event was published on the local newspaper of Beylikdüzü.

3.An event in Kim Grocery Store: We sticked our wish cards for the new year on the tree decorated for new year during the trip to Kim Grocery Store with the purpose of observing the fruits and vegetables grown in winter. Our cards were provided to stay suspended on the tree for a week.

4.Pafin Traveller Library Event: This event drew the attention of inhabitants living around the bus. The students donated the books which they have bought from the traveller bus to a school in order to contribute for their benefits.

5.Migros- Love Station: A heart distribution with regard to Love Day was planned by the students in Kindergarten. This process will be fulfilled with donating the income which we had from voluntary business to KAÇUV as a social Project. The event is going to be organized at the entry of Migros grocery store with their supports.

6.New Friends for My Toys: The students are going to donate the toys to the schools in needs with the slogan of New Friend For My Toys in March. The toys are going to be collected in Kindergarten as a social Project.

7.Gölet Feast in 23rd April: The event which includes various competitions and stands with participation of the students, who are going to join from different schools, is going to be held in collaboration with municipal authority. An announcement related to this event will take place on the boards on the week of 23rd April.

8.Chess Tourney: We will be able to acquire an opportunity in order to introduce our school to Kindergarten students and the parents in this chess tourney through the attendance of our students and the others coming from different Kindergarten.

9. Europe Day: Europe Day is held with the purpose of putting the products, produced as the results of the researches related to culture and life styles of the countries, on public display for the parents and having informations about different life styles.

10. Mother Day Celebration: Gifts prepared by students on their own will be given to their mothers in this special day. Celebrations could be organized outside of the school depending on the weather conditions.

11.Portfolio: Students will present their projects which they made in second term to their parents on a determined time.

12.Year-end Performance: The projects completed during a semester are going to be presented in front of the parents as a year-end performance in June.

13.Pyjamas Party: We wore our pyjamas, watched a film and ate popcorn after we put our animals into their tree houses for the hibernation.

14. 100th Day: We celebrated 100th Day at school playing different games on an asmosphere like a carnival.

15. Hallowen Party: We threw a Hallowen party putting on various costumes.