PsychologIcal CounselIng and GuIdance

Our guiding principles are based on the healthy development of children in every aspect of their pre-school education and their adaptation to their school environment, which reveals their full potential.

Our work towards student:

Recognation WorksOur work to know and understand our students begin at the stage of registration. The aim of these works that configured differently for each grade level is to determine the directions of students that are strong in psychomotor, cognitive, social and emotional areas and that should be supported to. Our work gives important values in the recognition of students and their orientation towards.

Our Orientation Works: Adopting to a new environment is a process that must be supported. Primarily to adapt to their environment should be provided for students in order to reveal their potential. Therefore, adaptation process for our students to school is supported by our orientation works before the start of the education period. This process will be gone through in communication and cooperation with the parents.

Observations in the Natural Environment – Our Observation Work: Our observations as guidance unit based on objectively children's classroom interactions, their behaviours in the dining hall, supervised games and free play time, their individual performance and performance in a group. As a result of these evaluations, individual support activities are realized in accordance with needs of the student in order to reach the top spot in their development.

Our Test and Inventory Work of Development Assessment: Various tests and inventory applications are realized in accordance with age and grade level in order to recognize the student, to guide him right and to ensure of realizing himself. Application of the results will be shared with teachers and parents. Several recommendations are offered. Thus, parents will be supported to guide their children.

Our Work Towards our Parents

Individual Meetings:Individual meetings with parents are realized in order to share information mutually about our students' development and to make supportive guidance to our parents.

Seminars: Informative seminars are given in various fields related to the development of our students.

Informative Newsletters: Written texts in different subjects will be forwarded to the family at regular intervals. While they are growing up their children, some topics are included to guide them, informing them and the continuity of home-school collaboration are ensured.