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Kültür2000 MIddle School

Dear parents,

Kültür2000 Middle School is located at the Hadımköy Campus of İstanbul Kültür Education Institutions which was founded in 1960. The school was founded in 1999 and has been growing gradually starting from kindergarten. The school  had its first graduates in 2006.

Kültür2000 aims to provide its students on a national and an international scale, with the comtemporary knowledge, skills and proper conduct necessary for the changes of the new century. In accordance with this objective, school aims for high academic standards, bilingualism, education in line with multiple intelligence, character education and internationalism.

Students are encouraged to join national and international projects. Along side these, national and international trips provide opportunities to students to apply learning to real life.

Community service aspect of the school’s educational programme raises awareness to differences and less fortunate and encourages sharing and conscience.

Kültür2000’s motto is “Today’s learners are tomorrow’s leaders”. With this motto in mind the school constantly revises and finds way to improve learning and assessement. Also the students are supported and encouraged to achieve their best via teacher guidance.  The curriculum is designed to prepare students to a higher education and life. Coaching, individual support, national exams preparation, making learning visible, teaching accordance to learning styles and cooperative learning are essential elements to school’s teaching and learning.

In Kültür2000 Grade 5 is a prep year (english preparation) since 2012.

My team and I are happy to answer any questions you have.

With respect,


Çiğdem Kaya

Kültür2000 Middle School Principal