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Kültür2000 ScIence HIgh School

Dear Parents,

   High school is one of the most important turning points for people in which they decide on their careers whether to become future engineers, psychologists, doctors, teachers and many more among other prestigious professions. High school is a period that students ask lots of questions about their future lives. It is a period that students take the first and the most important step into real world. In such an important period, it is a great opportunity and privilege for our students and the parents to become a part of KÜLTÜR2000 SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL founded in 2011 within Istanbul Kültür Educational Institutions.


   KÜLTÜR2000 SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL with its professional academic staff and rich curriculum aims to raise students as independent, ambitious, rational, self-disciplined and highly motivated individuals with strong academic understanding, significant cultural level and good understanding of technology.


   In KÜLTÜR2000 SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL, we give our students the opportunity to become a part of real world and create projects to find solutions to problems in the contemporary world. In those projects, our most important resource is ISTANBUL KÜLTÜR UNIVERSITY. With the opportunities the university provides, our students have one of a kind experience during their education.


   Self-improvement is limitless and we provide our students with lots of facilities where they can explore themselves and their talents during their high school education. Our students can benefit from student clubs and Stem Education which include science, technology, mathematics, engineering robotics, art, music, dance, chess, sculpturing, group discussions, theatre plays, volleyball, tennis, basketball and many more facilities.


   Our mission as KÜLTÜR2000 SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL is to raise strong and independent individuals which are fully in control of their future before sending them to good universities. Our students’ preparation for national tests is crucially important to us and we fully support them with our professional academic staff during this period. In ÖSYS, the success rate is %100 every year. Besides, the students who want to continue their education in other countries can attend the leading universities abroad.


   It is our very first wish and duty to provide our students with a happy and productive high school experience. We are always ready to collaborate with you and give the best of everything to our students in their adventure to achieve the goals they aim.


I wish 2019-2020 Academic Year will bring health and success along with happiness.
With my best wishes and regards