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Kültür2000 ScIence HIgh School

Dear Parents, Dear Students,


As Kültür 2000 Science High School, we share with you the excitement of starting a new education period this year with our strong and academic staff as we do each year.


Fulfilling the requirements of the age and adopting them as principles in order to raise individuals with the aim of adding values ​​to the world they live in since its establishment, our institution continues to work on raising individuals who "learn for life, not for school" in line with the wisdom and science shown by the head teacher Atatürk.


We strive to present our students values ​​on both national and international standards by providing the skills that are necessary to exist in today's rapidly changing and digitalizing world and aim to make them world citizens with contemporary qualities.


Since 2011, Kültür2000 Science High School with its strong academic staff and qualified education program has been aiming to raise young individuals who are highly motivated, target-oriented, academically well-equipped, highly cultured, knowledgeable in technology, rational and aware of study and their internal discipline besides having critical perspectives.


In our school, suitable environments are created for our students, which enable them to be a part of life and to create projects that produce solutions to current problems. Istanbul Kültür University is our most important institution that supports us academically in our project studies. Thanks to the opportunities offered by our university, our students receive a unique educational support in their high school life.


Personal development has no limits. During the high school period in which developments and changes are at their peak, our students are provided with rich opportunities to discover their different talents and to get to know themselves besides their academic improvements. With the "Individual Development Program", our students have the opportunity to know and develop themselves through Steam studies, painting, music, dance, chess, sculpture, debate, theatre, volleyball, tennis, basketball and various club activities


Our corporate objective is to train qualified students for higher education institutions with the aim of raising strong individuals who can take control of their future. In the preparation phase for national exams, we support our students with our strong staff and our national exam preparation program. Kültür2000 Science High School students' rate of passing the ÖSYS exam is 100%. In addition, our students who want to continue their education abroad have the opportunity to continue their education at leading universities in their field.


It is our greatest wish for our students to have a happy and productive high school life. Our school to which you entrust your most valuable asset; with its management and academic staff will always be with you on the way to bring our students to their goals.


With our strong roots, Atatürk’s principles and our loyalty to each other, I wish you a healthy, happy, successful and a cultural year in which we will sustain the excitement we feel as of today.


I wish the 2020-2021 Academic Year will bring health and success to all our students.



High School Principal