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Kültür2000 PrImary School

Dear Parents,

Kültür2000 College which has been active in the national and international field since 1998, grows our children who are our most valuable asset, as contemporary, secular, republican, happy, successful and self-reliant individuals.

We grow our students as global citizens who are freethinkers, health-conscious, respectful to self and other people, knows his history, is able to take decisions about himself and the future of his country, is able to use the main language effectively and speak English as a  native.

With a vision being worldwide, as an exemplary educational institution, taking into consideration each student's individual needs, we are getting involved in national and international projects with teachers equipped and experienced in the field.  We grow them as individuals with an intellectual and academic background and take them as the future leaders

Within the social activities that we conduct, our Language Arts School helps our students to develop their Chinese, Spanish, and Russian skills; in the field of music: guitar, violin; in the field of creative arts and decorative arts to explore.

Our students at Sports School, they become equipped with the basketball, volleyball and tennis skills.

With the "Each student is unique and special" principle, we based on the fact of training students' according to their different learning styles in order to  reach  the goals we aimed for..

As a Kültür2000 family, our parents are included in all learning environments with the help of rich presentations and activities with our students. "Assemblies" are various platforms where  all of our students individually or in teams participate with the products they produce and display their personal exhibitions of creative work.

We aim to achieve our academic goals by applying the TEOG Studies to all 4th grades. Our activities for preparation in each subject are enriched with the assessment tests.

We are expecting your valuable support in the journey of lifelong learning for the bright future of our children by saying "Today's Learners, Tomorrow's Leaders".


Çiğdem Kaya

Kültür2000 Koleji Primary School Principal