KIndergarten Alkent

  Dear parents,

At Kültür2000 College Alkent Kindergarten,

Our aim is to improve the mental, emotional, social and physical potentials and skills of our students at the highest level and to prepare the base for creating a bright future for them. We have developed strategies for supporting modern human development in our kindergarten for them to live a happy, healthy, meaningful, productive and loving life when our students become adults. Our education environment in which we offer enriched and versatile activities is based on precise scientific knowledge, multiple intelligence theory and brain research

The kindergarten prepares the students with a learning method that uses contemporary learning techniques, develops learning skills by real life examples and prepares them for the next educational process, and provides them with contemporary knowledge, skills and attitudes that will be required in the national and international environments in line with the changing needs of the century. The pre-school education program for the kindergarten was developed under the guidance of the Istanbul Kültür University Faculty of Education and an eclectic model was created during the preparation phase and successful examples from around the world were integrated into the institution's basic education approaches. Our education is versatile thanks to HighScope, Reggio Emilia, Project Based Learning, Montessori, Waldorf, Child to Child approaches. Our education program is a scientific and original program that allows the students to experience real life experiences. Our Bilingual Education Program is designed to help our students maximize their English language skills. Under the supervision of professional Turkish and foreign educators, students learn concepts both in their native language and in English through a half day Turkish and half day English language education program. They perceive English as a part of their daily life. They learn English by living, hearing, imitating and having fun. They perceive their learning process as holistic. There is a rich learning process with visual arts, music, physical education, drama, chess, ballet, modern dance, tablet time, coding and algorithmic thinking and Spanish lessons. Our students are taught science and mathematics through GEMS, an international science and mathematics program.  GEMS is an active learning-based, quality, scientific, and student-centered program that directs children to science and mathematics-driven exploration, research and direct participation.

In our kindergarten, an international character education program, which recognizes the value judgments of our children and helps them act on behaviors including love, respect, peace, compromise, friendship, responsibility, honesty and tolerance, is implemented.

The main aim of our educational approach is to raise disciplined students with self-confidence, self-esteem, good communication skills, initiative, empathy, free will, courageous strength, creativity, responsibility awareness, and self-direction skills. We also aim to raise students who know the rules, have gained appropriate social skills and solve their problems themselves,

In our kindergarten, students behave in accordance with their individual preferences and with respect to their authentic purposes and interests by choosing among the material options. They plan what they will do with the materials they choose freely in their own way.  They make decisions using the right to make decisions in accordance with these plans. They use materials in a unique and creative way. They adapt to their surroundings by going to the outside world, doing reality tests and knowing the truth. They improve their creativity. They take on responsibility for themselves. They solve the problems they can cope on their own. They constantly communicate and interact with their friends and teachers as they play. Thus, all learning of the students becomes meaningful, pleasant and permanent.

Positive communication and interaction strategies are applied between children, teachers and other adults in the kindergarten.  Only the strongest aspects of the children are focused. Our teachers develop the children's potentials and skills in an environment where mutual love, compassion, closeness, friendship, interest, respect, understanding, delicacy, intuition and responsibility are shared.  Knowing that each child is unique, they achieve this by carefully following each child's natural interests and wishes, freeing children to use their own potentials and to enable them to maintain their own natural interests and fulfill their wishes.

Our teachers provide students plenty of choice, leadership, individual expression, communication and interaction possibilities and other freedoms for all the activities they initiate.

We wish to be together in our kindergarten, where our children join in life with enthusiasm and be raised loving themselves and their surroundings.

Gül Sacide ÖZÇİFÇİ

Kindergarten Principal