KÜLTÜR2000 student is inquirer , have the necessary skills to conduct research, learn and internalize, enjoys learning  and a life-long learners .

Kültür2000 student thinks, and makes rational decisions when faced with complex problems in constructive and creative solutions.

Kültür2000 student communicates, shows fearlessly positive approach face to the unfamiliar situations, has self-confidence and independence to generate new ideas and strategies, believe an issue until the end of advocates is accustomed to teamwork and within the team completes duly on duty.

Kültür2000 student is sensitive to others' needs and feelings, service-oriented and have a sense of personal dedication. 

Kültür2000 student has experiences and achievements, revises, evaluates and  reflects what he/ she gained to his/ her  environment.

Kültür2000 schools from kindergarten to high school seniors and first be a citizen of the world and his sensitivity to social problems through community service since its establishment has made a difference. Students, parents and school administrators and teachers dedicate themselves for the same target and sincerity makes community service work. Kültür2000 one of the most powerful aspects of school and community service activities


CAS Students in all areas of their talents and enhance their knowledge, self-knowledge and self-discipline as the owner and lifelong learners to name two-year Diploma program every year in 150 hours, including all areas of new learn skills. These studies are not graded.

In addition to this, each term CAS students are supposed to organize a project to create awareness on social issues and the spirit of school community.

Students work on each section, including 1.5 hours per week.

For example: Creativity - aims to acquire a new skill - learn to play guitar, learn to draw like photography. Students receive monthly reports from the instructor or the person concerned with them they’ve been worked and also acquire skills and attitudes which the individual filling out the form with your documents showing inventory documents about their skills gained.


Physical Activity: Swimming, Walking, Cycling and so on. Community Service: A CAS student needs to help someone in need to discipline herself/ himself for being life-long learners.Giving private individual lessons for a student or visiting an elderly on the same day at the same time , helping ,chatting and doing shopping etc. for that elderly .


In project planning and performing organizations to increase awareness of the community, in cooperation and coordination within the community to create synergy and common spirit, and with it their income needs to convey to those who constitute the second part.

CAS (Creativity-Action-Service) purpose is to be aware of global, universal issues and be active lifetime of activity in this field. This is the first step in thinking globally who need us to be aware of their environment and is helping them.

PROJECT OBJECTIVES: 1) Activity planning and organization, 2) the school with the other students work collaboratively 3) the individual strengths of our Being aware and weaknesses to improve our work 4) develop new skills 5) Global importance of the issues related to work make our school students to raise awareness


 self-confidence, self-knowledge, to explore the characteristics of himself or herself who is not aware of.
 With different needs in the community and people from different backgrounds work together in an organization and learn set up face to face communication.
In an unfamiliar environment; empathy with people in need of assistance
To reflect social values ​​in their living environment.

CAS Coordinator Remziye Çetinkaya 

International Baccalaureate- Diploma Program (DP)

 Diploma Program is a challenging two-year curriculum, primarily aimed at students aged 16 to 19 which leads to world-widely recognized qualifications.





Why do we offer Diploma Program?

International Baccalaureate, founded in 1968 in Switzerland, is a non-profit organization which aims to develop the quality of education all around the world and to standardize assessment tools in all subject groups. The IB works with 3,748 schools in 147 countries to offer the four IB programs to approximately 1,173,000 students.

Since 2005, Kultur2000 College has been offering Diploma Program to grade 11 and 12 students. Why do we offer Diploma Program?

Diploma Program leads to recognition by world’s leading universities.
Diploma Program assures the global competency of students involved in the program.
The subjects offered by Diploma Program encourage students to be life-long learners and motivates students to do better research.
The students explore innovative and interesting techniques and adapt them into their learning process.
Students develop their social skills besides academic skills through being involved in Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) program.



How do we offer the Diploma Program?

Kultur2000 College Diploma Program students are responsible for the standardized curriculum and for the standard exams all around the world.

Students take 6 courses from 6 subject groups in regard to holistic learning approach.
Each subject group encourages students to explore their weak and strong points through various assessment techniques.
Students are required to write “Extended Essay” which fosters research skills, academic language and academic integrity.
Diploma Program teachers are bilingual and raise fully-equipped students via well-rounded teacher trainings provided by IB.
The medium of instruction in Diploma Program is English. Language A: Turkish and Turkey in 20thCentury subjects are offered in Turkish.



International Baccalaureate- Middle Years Program (MYP)

The IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) is designed for students aged 11 to 16 to fully develop their academic and social skills.





Why MYP?

International Baccalaureate, founded in 1968 in Switzerland, is a non-profit organization which aims to develop the quality of education all around the world and to standardize assessment tools in all subject groups. The IB workswith 3,748 schools in 147 countriestoofferthefour IB programmestoapproximately 1,173,000 students.

Since 2003, Kultur2000 College has beenapplyingMiddleYears Program fromgrade 6 tograde 10. Why is MYP soimportantto us?

MYP aims to raise global citizens by fully applying national educational system requirements.
MYP requires all students to be able to speak at least 2 languages accurately and fluently.
MYP fosters critical thinking skills and encourage students to become caring, inquirer and communicator.
MYP provides opportunities for students to transfer the acquired knowledge into real-life.
MYP emphasizes the importance of holistic learning by offering 8 different subject groups.
MYP ensures that intercultural awareness is accessible to all students with a strong national culture background.
MYP connects all schools and teachers all around the world and provides high quality teacher trainings.


How do we offer MYP?

Kultur2000 College MYP students from grade 6 to grade 10 are provided with the same standardized education approaches as students in other countries.


Kultur2000 College is a successful IB World school in Turkey with its distinctive


Community and service actions
National and international projects, competitions etc.
21st century learning and teaching strategies
Dynamic curriculum model