CATS (Computer Aided Training & Educational Services) is Kültür’s online learning platform.  Its purpose is to facilitate the complete and efficient participation of students in their education and training processes.


CATS is a supportive application which helps the students engage in their student life from any place where they can access the Internet.  Students access the system with a unique user name and password.  Each student has his or her own page.  In these pages, students can track a wide variety of information, such as announcements made by teachers, surveys, the content of their lessons and current homework assignments.  CATS allows students access to all kinds of school materials such as worksheets, presentations and web sites, even when outside the school.


Some e-activities on CATS allow students to get immediate feedback as a score.  Others allow them to submit their work electronically.  In this way, both the student and the teacher can follow the individual’s academic situation.  Because of each student has his or her own page, teachers can plan student-specific work according to individual needs and share it directly with that student.


Besides its academic benefits, CATS helps make learning more engaging for students because online transactions allow rapid feedback using the tools which they already have in their life such as computers, smartphones and tablets.