"Each student is unique and special." This is the basic principle in our education system. It’s based on the idea for achieving the objectives of the different learning styles.

Kültür 2000 College’s basic educational philosophy is to educate individuals who are respectful of national values, are equipped with universal values, have social awareness, are self-confident, have different interests, are environmentally conscious and have the ability to question.

Examining the results of 2015 YGS and LYS –high school’s transition to university exams-, it is seen that %5 of Kültür2000 Anatolian and Science High Schools’ graduates achieved to take place among the top 1000 in Turkey; Science High School graduates’ 44 percent got into Medicine and Dentistry faculties. Success rate in the Science High School was 100 percent; and in Anatolian High School, %95.