Research and Development

The Educational Research and Human Resources Development Department at Kültür Educational Institutions is responsible for the following:


  • Creating a Process Management Model in the Institution to guide its implementation.
  • Preparing Strategic Plans for the schools and to update the work of involved parties.
  • Ensuring the application of institutional strategies by departments, units and branches.
  • Establishing a system of regular monitoring of the schools, units and branches using performance indicators and updating the indicators.
  • Producing original education and training projects according to the needs of the schools.
  • Preparing, executing and monitor training programs for teachers under the guidance of the Culture Development and Training Center (KÜGEM).
  • Planning, guiding and reporting on practices aimed at developing teachers’ skills in classroom management.
  • Arranging various training programs for parents under the guidance of KÜGEM.
  • Preparing, conducting and reporting the results of parents, students, staff and community satisfaction surveys.
  • Determining and reporting the qualifications and competencies of employees according to the needs of the institution.
  • Investigating and reviewing the schools’ academic targets.
  • Preparing, guiding the implementation of, and observing the results of institutional development plans.
  • Managing and ensuring the publication of the Yaşamdaki Eğitim (Education in Life) magazine which is published every three months.