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Yaşamdaki Eğitim

Kültür’s Education and Culture' Magazine is 28 years old

Launched in July 1986 as a branch of Kültür College’s education services, Yaşamdaki Eğitim (Education in Life) Magazine has been issued regularly since January 1988.  Yaşamdaki Eğitim published its 80th issue in the 80th anniversary of Turkish Republic and 119th issue was published in April 2014. The Magazine has contributed to cultural and artistic life as well as reporting on emerging developments in educational science since its first publication.  Yaşamdaki Eğitim has not limited its sources or target audience to the academic and scientific community; it has also reached to school administrators, teachers, students and their families.  Articles to be published are selected for the benefit of people who are generally interested in education.  The magazine is distributed free of charge to deans of the education faculties, libraries,  academicians, city libraries, Ministry of Education provincial and district administrations, the media and journalists.  Educators and families can also have access to every issue through subscription.

Yaşamdaki Eğitim’s philosophy is that knowledge grows by sharing it.  The main target of the magazine is the reflection of social culture.  Yaşamdaki Eğitim is not a peer-reviewed journal; however, all articles are subject to supervision and checks by the publication committee which consists of academic members from various universities. That's why the articles are examined according to scientific criteria.

Anyone who has an original point of view regarding education can send articles to the magazine. The articles are mostly submitted by academic members, education experts, school administrators, and teachers. In this respect, the magazine is a platform for sharing and collaboration amongst educators. The magazine also contains translations of previously published articles according to their nature and popularity to raise awareness of educational practices abroad.