SocIal ResponsIbIlIty Projects

PROJECT NAME: Sharing Our Books

DATE: 16th January 2015

PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT: To endear reading books to children, and also to enhance the feeling of sharing and solidarity.

PARTICIPANT GROUP: Primary school students


Pafin Mobile Bookstore visited our school. Our students donated some of the books they bought to Çatalca Ahmediye Doğuş Primary School which we decided to be our ‘sister school.’



PROJECT NAME: Shelter Project

DATE:  6th December 2014

PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT: To create spaces to shelter stray animals.

PARTICIPANT GROUP: 3rd grade students


Shelters prepared by each of our students’ own efforts and own materials; then these shelters are donated to Büyükçekmece animal house. Our students also donated food for the animals.



PROJECT NAME: Rock Painting Exhibition

DATE: On November 2014

PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT: To support the schoolgirls who cannot study due to financial impossibilities.

PARTICIPANT GROUP: All primary and middle school students

The rocks collected from Büyükçekmece beach were designed and painted by our students. The works are exhibited in BKM first, then sold and the money earned is donated to ÇYDD (Foundation of Supporting Modern Life)

Within the project of “I HAVE A DAUGHTER IN ANATOLIA AND SHE IS GOING TO BE A TEACHER”, we sponsored 7 students for their education.

PROJECT NAME: “İstanbul Defter Ben Kalem” (Istanbul is the Notebook, I am the Pen)

DATE: On November 2014

PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT: Our project with the theme of Istanbul consists of the stories, fables, articles, essays, biographies and poems written and photos taken by our students. This study carried in both Turkish and English, our students chose a language to express their excitement as an amateur author not only in their native language and but also in the foreign one.

PARTICIPANT GROUP: The project in Turkish and English is done by our Kültür2000 College Middle School students, in the guidance of our teachers.

Within the prose and the poems, the book reflects various anecdotes about the palaces in Istanbul, the bazaars, historical stories of its districts, details about the lives of Istanbul’s famous persons, social life of this unique city and the historic fabric inherited to us. This book is a social study within IB-MYP project; so all financial earnings are transferred to I Have a Studying Daughter in Anatolia fund.